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A Funeral Ceremony - Where To Start

Losing someone is one of the most difficult times we might experience in our lives.  I write, officiate and conduct the ceremony on the day of the funeral for you. This however is only the end result of the time we'll spend working together.

We'll first meet up either in person, on the telephone or online via Zoom (an online video app for all the family) - as per your preference or local restrictions at the time.

You'll normally work with your Funeral Director with regard to the administration and financial aspects of the funeral which includes my fee which is already included in the Funeral costs.

I will look after all aspects of the ceremony itself and will keep you right with everything you need to know.  When we are working together, we will spend some time talking about how the ceremony will go, the structure and then onto the actual content of the ceremony itself.

The ceremony is based in the main around the information I gather from you during our chat which can take anything up to a couple of hours in a very relaxed, informal setting.  We'll talk 
about memories and times from the past which can be quite difficult but it's important though, that you take your time and do your best so that the ceremony can be as personal as possible.  Remember, I am here to help you with all of this. 

Making It Personal

Every ceremony is written individually.  There are certain aspects of a ceremony that must be included such as a committal - where the coffin of your loved one lowers for a cremation or we inter the coffin into the ground for a burial.

Almost everything else can be tailored specifically or kept in the traditional manner with regards to the ceremony content and format.  I am happy to include any elements of religion or faith, humour or as celebratory as you'd like, with no limit on content or 'colourful' language if you feel this is something you'd like or that is suitable for the person or family member - I'll take your lead with regards to the tone of the ceremony - everything is tailored to each person and family.

I encourage the involvement of close relatives or friends when compiling a ceremony to help make it more meaningful and personal.  You or another family member are welcome to talk at the ceremony, however I will need to know exactly what is to be said in order to watch the timing of the ceremony closely and also to prevent possible issues on the day.

Many Crematoriums now have a facility where you are able to display a photograph, play a photograph slide tribute during the ceremony.  It may also be streamed worldwide or recorded should you wish.  I also provide streaming services via Zoom for those wishing to have an internet weblink at a graveside or service room to other family / friends around the world - please ask me for more information.

Remember - I'm here to take care of everything for you, but I'll need your help with the more information the better to make the ceremony as personal as possible for you.