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On-Line Family Arrangements

In order to meet on-line, all those who would like to be involved on their own device or computer will need to download a FREE app called 'Zoom'... where we will meet on either your smart phone, tablet or computer... you can all be in the same room, different houses, cities and even different countries!...


You can either search for 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' in your app store, or by clicking on the links below on any of your devices... once you have done that, following the instructions further down... at 'Joining In Our Meeting'...


Joining In Our Meeting

The next step is to click on "JOIN MEETING"... then enter the MEETING ID and PASSWORD that I'll provide you with, five minutes before our time to meet - and that's it!...

Make sure you allow use of your device CAMERA and AUDIO in order to see and hear everyone in the meeting.